Shorty Bulls Forged Through Passion

Puppies Due this week!


My name is Nissa Miller and  I welcome you to my Shorty Bull Addiction!

Scary35 months old 114I am relentless in my passion to produce the Healthiest Shortybulls possible.   Hard Muscle, Vigor, Confidence, Thick Bone, Sharp Wits, and a Loving Disposition are core components upon which the EVO Line Shorty Bull was built!  Great bully looks and lots of attitude, these micro sized powerhouses are fully convinced they are 100 pound bulldogs.

My Shorty Bull puppies and adults will approach any challenge with full bulldog swagger and attitude. They are great with kids, and are plenty happy to participate in mischief.  Highly adaptable, they are true comics, enchanting those around them.  Their passion for life is second only to the love of their owner.  Only the very best stock was utilized in building the infrastructure for the Evo Line Shorty Bull.  Intense evaluations ensure Evo Line moves closer to the desired look and type with each breeding. Strict guide lines have been incorporated since day one for traits which will keep Evo Line healthy and athletic. After years of hard work, these dogs are a testament to the devotion of my vision created so long ago.

What does EVO Line do to ensure your Shortybull is a healthy and functional bully?

redrumeEach Shorty Bull puppy goes through an evaluation process starting at 4-5 weeks of age. Puppies are evaluated for physical characteristics and temperament.  Shorty Bull Puppies whose conformation is in line with the breed standard, EVO Lines personal vision, and that are found to be confident and social are looked at hardest for keeping within the Evo Line Shorty Bull breeding program.  As dogs mature, they are further evaluated on the same qualities to ensure only the best breeding stock is utilized.  This process is taken a step further with genetic health testing.  Deep inside the genetic make up of the dog can harbor hidden issues masked within that pristine structure and unshakably sound temperament.  The human eye can only see what is on the surface, which is why genetic testing is so important to Evo Line Shorty Bulls. Only the healthiest Shorty Bulls are considered for the future.


Want more MUSCLE on your Shorty Bull?
Take a look at this Dog Treadmill for building muscle!


Contact Nissa Miller about future breedings @ 785-851-8887
or email: Check EVO Lines puppy page for what’s available.